Representative Projects

Calumet Specialty Lubricants
Calumet required assistance with capacity expansion for processing specialty lubricants and fuels (gas & diesel). Parkway purchased, refurbished back to zero hours, installed and maintained 5 sets of electric-motor driven compressor units (Dresser Rand / Cooper) that provided significant cost and time savings for Calumet.

Parkway also provides ongoing assistance (Parkway personnel work with Calumet maintenance staff) for day-to-day needs to maintain a high level of operational uptime for Calumet production equipment.

Phoenix Exploration
Parkway purchased, refurbished, load-tested to Phoenix specifications and installed two, 585 KW natural gas generator packages at customer's SW Avery Island facility (this included providing all power generation work such as termination, electrical hookups and switchgears).

Parkway provides turnkey solutions for all in-shop radiator and cooler needs for Exterran as well as supporting in-the-field radiator and cooler requirements for customer.

Devon Energy
Parkway provides machining services for a range of equipment used for Devon's offshore natural gas fields, including Clark, Cooper, Joy and Worthington compressors (e.g., compressor rods, packing cases, rings, rider bands)

Crosstex Energy
Parkway is providing mechanical and machine work for repair and maintenance of all generator driven equipment for source power and all natural gas engine driven compressors and engine driven pumps.

Frank's Casing Crew and Rental Tools
Parkway supports Frank's CNC machining needs for customer's down-hole oilfield business.