A shop that spans over 40,000 sq. ft. and an elite mobile mechanical team ensure you do not have to go anywhere else for your needs.

Our reputation as a best-in-class parts supplier is well known throughout the Gulf Coast region. Parkway provides for all valve, pump, compressor & engine parts and components repair and manufacture needs of our customers.


Machine & Fabrication Service

Our machine shop can repair and manufacture just about any part -if we can put the part in our machines, we can fix it!

With over 33 years in the business, our employees are among the industry's best craftsmen.

Lathe Capabilities: From 1" to 37" OD; from 6ft. to 10 ft. length of the beds

Horizontal Boring Mill Capabilities: 48" x 72" table

Metal Locking Capabilities: Complete crack repair for all pump, compressor and engine frames

Grinding Capabilities(OD only): from 1.5" to 10" OD; up to 6 ft. in length

Surface Grinding: Blanchard 30" grinder

Hard Coating: Nickel, Aluminum Bronze, Stainless Steel, Babbit, Steel, Tungsten Carbide

Repair: Compressor and Pump Valves; Connecting Rod Pin area and Crank-end; Crossheads; Frame Repair for Industrial Pumps; Plungers for Pumps; Valve Pockets for Pumps and Compressors; Wash Pipes for Pumps; Small Pumps; Fuel Valve Hydraulic Shafts and Cylinders; Compressor Cylinders... and more

Manufacture: Compressor Rods; Entering Tools; Piston Rings -Rider Bands; Compressor Pistons; Aluminum -Cast Iron; Pump Brass; Specialty Tools ...and more!

Liners Gaskets Pipe Swabs
Packing Pony Rods Swab Cups
Compressor Rod Packing Pump Rods O-Rings
Pump Packing Stuffing Boxes Other Rubber
Rope Packing Valves & Valve Goods
High Temp Packing Parts (for pumps compressors) Plungers
Packing Glands Wash Pipes