Parkway introduces a new dimension in CNC machining-the EC 1600ZT HAAS Horizontal Boring Mill.

The Haas EC-1600ZT Horizontal Machining Center combines innovative design principles, unique control features and quality construction to make it a versatile and useful
addition for our customers.

With this addition, Parkway now offers the most modern CNC technology for large volume jobs requiring high-precision.

CNC Machine Services

Our CNC capabilities include short or large production runs with mill capabilities 40" X, 20" Y, 25" Z; lathe capabilities 17" OD X, 34" Z and horizontal boring mill capabilities -64" X, 40" Y, 40" Z.


HAAS CNC Lathe SL-30
High performance turning center offering a wide range of capacities and functionalities (17" x 34")




Vertical machining center for reliability and accuracy
(40' x 20' x 25')